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Our Story

The story behind the birth of the “Adapt-Toit” Foundation

  • The impact

    It was at the age of 18 that the life of Julien Racicot was totally upset. Following a tragic automobile accident, his life and that of his family was changed forever. His fourth cervical vertebra had ruptured causing the lesion to his spinal cord; he ended up quadriplegic, paralyzed for life from shoulder to toe. Ironically, this tragic event that had signaled the end of a youthful and carefree life, in the end had actually marked the start of a brand new life, a life rich in aspirations, adventure, emotion, discovery, encounters and achievements.

  • The beginning of a new life

    After a long rehabilitation, Julien reintegrates the family home that has been adapted to his condition thanks to the settlement paid out by the SAAQ. In addition, home help services were granted in order to aid with his physical disability. It is only by talking with other spinal cord injury patients that he gains an appreciation for the support granted him by the SAAQ. In fact he learns that many face severe financial constraints in order to adapt their homes to the nature of their injury. It is this realization of injustice that already makes him want to do his part to help those less fortunate.

  • First love

    It is armed with his mouth stick, his computer and his perseverance that Julien takes control of his life: he completes secondary V as well some comprehensive training in accounting. He now understands that anything is possible and has the confidence to bring to realization various projects. In 2003, Julien saw his first real estate transaction. The starting gun has sounded off; he has caught the real-estate bug! Over the years, Julien has built a solid reputation in the field and today still refines his knowledge. He is the founder of a property management company that now manages more than 300 homes. As a result of Julien’s thirst for new endeavors, he decides jointly with his associate, to sell their company in the summer of 2015. He remains, however, an active investor and his real estate holdings are in constant evolution.

  • Pay it forward

    Meanwhile, Julien completes an entrepreneurship course at the prestigious École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce. Believing he has something to share as a result of his life and work experiences, he now lectures groups of students, entrepreneurs and guests residing in rehabilitation centers. He is also involved with various institutions in order to raise awareness regarding the predicament of spinal cord injured persons in Quebec.
    “We are the only ones responsible for our inaction. The only real handicap that paralyzes us all is the one between our ears. The one that prevents us from taking action ”

  • Significant people

    Julien has benefitted from the unconditional support of his family, friends and business partners. His personal aid staff also plays a distinctive role in his life. He is very grateful towards them all.

    His compensation officer from the SAAQ was the first person to significantly mark his life following his accident. From the very first meetings, she believed in him, reassured him and made him realize that, despite his disability, a happy future was still very much a possibility. Other players, such as the occupational therapist in a rehabilitation center, also left an indelible mark on his life.

    His dependence on others makes him quickly realize the importance of properly surrounding oneself as well as having good support staff. Their daily interventions in the life of Julien could not be accomplished without much kindness, discretion and professionalism. Access to financial aid supported by his paying agent allows him to choose and to have access to this type of staff.

    “Without the support and involvement of my family and help from my staff, I would never have had the chance and pleasure to live what I live today”

  • The great movement

    Having been marked by the precarious situation experienced by several other people with spinal cord injuries, the idea of creating a Foundation had been in the back of Julien’s mind for a long time. In 2014, the first steps will be taken in this direction; needs are great and resources, unfortunately almost absent.

    For Julien, housing adaptation needs are a must, this obviously as a result of his experience in real estate, but primarily due to personal experience. For Julien, it appears that the constraints associated with home adaptations and those related to access to home help services emerge as serious issues. These are major elements contributing to the restriction of the autonomy and personal and professional realization of people with spinal cord injuries.

    Julien then recruits the right people necessary for the creation of the foundation and establishes a Board of Directors. The great movement is on; people are feeling challenged by the cause, their contribution and their support gives it life!

A word from Julien

Julien Racicot
At the age of eighteen, following a tragic car accident, as a result of several spinal cord lesions I found myself paralysed from my shoulders down to my toes. My life had just flipped upside down for ever. I was, however, able to regain my autonomy thanks to my strong drive, my family, my friends, numerous rehabilitation professionals, as well as financial support that I was privileged enough to receive. I took control of my life, gave it a new purpose and direction. I allowed myself to find enjoyment in life; happy and accomplished! Through the "Adapte-Toit" Foundation my aim is to give those spinal cord injured people not receiving adequate funding, the opportunity to remake their lives in an adapted living environment with all the necessary assistance services. Together lets make their autonomy accessible and inclusive! Julien Racicot

Our mission

To support people with spinal cord injuries (spinal cord lesions) in their efforts to afford accessible home adaptations, as well as to give them access to health care and home help services. To have a concrete and direct impact on their adaptation and adjustment processes. Help to significantly improve their quality of daily life and that of their family and entourage.


Have a direct, concrete and significant impact, on the lives of Quebec’s spinal cord injured. Be the benchmark for non governmental support in order for the injured to gain access to greater autonomy and social inclusion.

Our values

  • Humanism


    as it inspires us daily in achieving our mission

  • Integrity


    because it creates bonds of trust

  • Transparency


    because it is the basis of all solid relationships

  • Rigor


    as it allows to achieve and maintain our high standards

Where the foundation makes the difference!


Access to a home adapted to the disability, is vital for people with spinal cord injuries and their family.The “Adapte-Toit” Foundation supports these people in their efforts to adapt their dwellings to suite their handicap as well as to gain access to care and services that can have a real and direct impact on their adaptation and adjustment process. The Foundation aims to considerably help improve quality of daily life for the injured and that of their family and entourage


Reclaiming ones autonomy is essential for the spinal cord injured, and this is achieved amongst other ways, through home adaptations suited to the disability.
When a person suffers a spinal cord injury his/her entire previous life suddenly collapses and that person must start from scratch. Life dependent on others is an incredible burden for one raised and encouraged to operate autonomously. Apart from relying on relatives and care givers, one must also rely on a multitude of professional and technical aids to move forward in a new direction. We can only imagine what can happen when for lack of funds, necessary resources are not there for you, This is the gap that the Adapte-Toit” Foundation aims to fill. It aims to provide financial support for affordable housing adaptation, and provide for access to care and home help services to allow for increased autonomy, as per the individual’s remaining physical abilities.

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion plays a major role in maintaining a balanced life.
Social inclusion stems from several factors, including the ability to live at home in an adapted environment with adequate services from specialized care givers. People with spinal cord injuries too often face the evils of isolation and loneliness. They are, as a rule, happy to return to the family home and the resulting benefits are numerous. Adaptive equipment facilitating mobility including access outside the home offers the benefits of opening the world and ultimately the promise of a return to society.

Active life

By having access to the necessary support, many people with spinal cord injuries are developing new skills, get involved socially and in certain activity.
People with spinal cord injuries are in no way lesser citizens, they contribute in many ways to the development and growth of our great society. Artist, Paralympics athlete, parent, lawyer, office employee, contractor, or even simply contributing on a social level are all examples of the many paths that may be taken.

“Following a work accident I will never walk again”

To our partners

Thank you to all who make this project possible. Your help us make a huge difference.