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The Adapte-Toit Foundation aims to help people with spinal cord injuries not only by adapting their living space but also by making their daily lives easier and more practical. We would like to show you examples of the many home adaptations possible. It is our hope these capsules allow you to understand the extent of the work that is necessary and, above all, to help you to grasp the many daily difficulties that can be overcome and the considerable autonomy that can be achieved through these adaptations.

Discover some of our achievements:

Lifts and residential elevators

Lifts and residential elevators allow wheelchair users to remain in their homes thereby preserving their autonomy and freedom of movement. Such devices are usually installed when the height difference between floor levels is sufficient to warrant a ramp but with insufficient space for one. An elevator is often installed in order to enable access to the interior from the ground level outside. In other cases, a lift is installed where there is insufficient space if the gradient is high at the point where the ramp is too long or if the resident may borrow a ramp.

Price : The price can vary considerably depending on the conditions at the home, the type of lift, and many other factors.
  • Between $ 5000 & $ 20 000 for purchase and installation
  • Service Agreement (Annual) for maintenance and repairs: $ 200 to $ 500
Benefits :
  • Access to the interior and exterior of the dwelling
  • Freedom of mobility and movement
  • Access to the outside world thereby facilitating social integration
Rooms and/or suitable locations :
  • Dedicated indoor space
  • Dedicated outdoor space
  • Garage or other suitable space for this type of installation
Adapted bathroom with walk-in shower (no threshold)

The layout of a bathroom is designed to maximize accessibility, safety and convenience. Many adaptations are needed and should be provided to facilitate wheelchair travel in order to access the various components. It is also important to consider safety features, such as easily accessible controls and handrail placement next to the toilet and near the bathtub or shower. For some, a manual transfer unit or use of a ceiling hoist provides safe access to the tub. For others, a walk-in shower (no threshold), accessible with a wheelchair is required.

Price : The price can vary considerably depending on the conditions at the home, the type of adaptation, and many other factors.
  • Between $ 5000 & $ 25 000.
Benefits :
  • Access to sanitation facilities, indispensable for all
  • Functional and safe improvement requiring a minimal effort
  • Maneuvering space for access and travel by wheelchair
Room and/or suitable location :
  • Bathroom
A hoist is a mechanical lifting device used to lift, in a sitting position, a person in order to move them to another location such as a bed, wheelchair or bathtub. The use of a residential hoist to displace a person or change positions requires little physical effort. With the help of a hoist a husband, spouse, parent or a member of staff can easily make any displacement. The person receiving the help retains her/his autonomy and can remain in the dwelling. The hoist on wheels is the most affordable solution. However, one of the first things to consider is the space required to operate it. It needs a wide unobstructed maneuvering space. There must also be enough room under furniture and appliances to allow for free passage of the hoist frame. If a hoist on wheels is to be used for travel to the bathtub, the tub must be raised on legs or on a framework in order to allow the hoist frame to pass underneath. For a ceiling hoist (tracked), there are several factors to consider that can cause the price to vary; the length of the ceiling track, the track trajectory: whether straight or curved: with or without rotating hub that allows for 90 degree turns: and finally ceiling reinforcement work to be carried out to support the track. Price : The price can vary considerably depending on the needs and physical condition of the user, the type of hoist selected, room dimensions, and many other factors.
  • Hoist on wheels : between $ 2500 and $ 7500
  • Ceiling Hoist (tracked) : between $ 3,000 and $ 12,000
  • Contrat de service (annuel) pour l’entretien et les réparations : 200$ à 500$
Benefits :
  • Autonomy Gain
  • Allows transfer to the wheelchair, bed and bath
  • Family, friends and support staff can perform transfers with little physical effort
Rooms and/or suitable location :
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Other space appropriate to this type of installation as required
Adapted kitchen
An adapted kitchen for a person using a wheelchair must include sufficient maneuvering room to allow access; to the various controls (Faucets, stove controls etc.), work areas and appliances. Counters fitted with a cooktop are often installed and must provide knee clearance for the user. Counters are normally installed at a height of 920 mm (36 in), however for wheel chair users counters 860 mm (34 inches) in height are more convenient. For reasons of accessibility the hood of certain ranges and cooktops, can be operated with controls mounted directly on the counter or can be operated by remote control. In addition, one should plan for adequate knee clearance under the sink and any other area where access is required. The installation in lower cabinets of drawers that can be fully drawn out can aide in viewing and accessing content. The upper cabinets often have shelves that can be lowered to provide access to their contents. Price : The price can vary considerably depending on the needs and physical condition of the user, the type of work to be done, kitchen dimensions, and many other factors.
  • Between $ 8000 and $ 35 000
Benefits :
  • Autonomy gains
  • Allows for access to food and food preparation
  • Promotes a sense of accomplishment and contribution to the family and/or couple
Rooms and/or suitable locations :
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Other areas appropriate for this type of installation as required

To our partners

Thank you to all who make this project possible. Your help us make a huge difference.