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What is a spinal cord injury?

The spinal cord acts as the primary conductor “cable” essential for bodily motor functions and it’s ensuing sensations. It is part of the central nervous system and is located within the spine, protected by the vertebrae. Paralysis occurs when this conductor cable is damaged, causing a break in communication between the brain and body. This is what is referred to as a spinal cord injury or lesion.

A spinal cord injury can be the result of a traumatic event – when caused by a fall, a diving accident, or a car accident for example. It can also be non-traumatic in origin, such as when a cancer or other disease is the cause.


The spinal cord is extremely fragile. It is comparable to a ripe raspberry, we must handle it with care.

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The spinal cord acts as the primary conductor used to control your body's motor functions as well as providing sensations and their origins.

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The most common causes of spinal cord injuries

2011 and 2012

0% 44% of spinal cord injuries are caused by falls
0% 39% from motor vehicle accidents
0% 15% from other accidents (sport, blunt object, etc.)
0% 2% resulted from the consequences of an aggression.

Spinal cord injuries in every day life

Spinal cord injuries affect people of all ages and can happen to anyone. In Canada, it is estimated that over 85,550 people live with a spinal cord injury. Over 4,250 new cases are diagnosed each year. An injury of this kind greatly affects one’s autonomy, personal esteem, development in common living environments, and social inclusion. In Canada, people with disabilities have a lower than average total income as compared to the rest of Canadians, $ 27,057 versus $ 35,860. Not to forget are the many added financial obligations tied to one’s disability.


In Quebec, approximately 63% of people with spinal cord injuries have no financial support for the adaptation of their homes and for access to home services.


In Canada, it is estimated that over 85 550 people living with spinal cord injury.


In Canada, people with disabilities have an average total income significantly lower than the rest of Canadians.

What is paraplegia?

It is the paralysis of, and loss of sensation in, the lower limbs. It is linked to a lesion towards the bottom of the spine.

What is quadriplegia?

It is the paralysis of, and loss of sensitivity in, the four limbs and trunk. It is linked to a lesion situated towards the top of the spine, in the cervical vertebrae for example.

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