The Jean Payeur

The Jean Payeur program

Financial partner(s) who cover(s) all the annual administrative and management expenses of the Foundation. The Jean Payeur is an analogy referring to the paying agent (SAAQ) for victims of injury caused by an automobile accident or the paying agent (CNESST) for victims of injury caused by a work accident.


This fundraising initiative will allow us to commit that 100% of donations and sponsorships will go to the spinal cord injured people we assist in the adaptation of their homes. The Foundation undertakes to always efficiently manage its administration and management costs and to inform The Jean Payeur in a previously defined approach of transparency and accountability.



> It should be noted that a similar initiative must be known by all future donors, whoever they are and by the general public. A specific communication plan will be deployed when The Jean Payeur has deposited the funds covering the whole of 2022 and 2023.


> The visibility plan will be discussed with the partner(s) involved.

If you are interested in The Jean Payeur program, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Julien Racicot, our director, will be happy to discuss it with you!