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Because we value our volunteers, we want to highlight their involvement.

Alain Tassé
Police officer of the emergency unit of La Sureté du Quebec, now retired since 2015, Alain Tassé who is a man of heart, gave is body and soul trough out the event La Traversée le Courage d’Avancée that was held in 2017. Alain describes himself like being helpful and thankful in his life, but he showed all the team members of the Foundation that he is much more than that! This man was there during almost all the duration of La Traversée and he helped on so many ways! Touched to the heart by Julien Racicot’s devotion, Alain said: To see Julien, who despite his own handicap and needs to take care of, still finds time to think about helping other people in the same condition, it gets to me! He didn’t need nothing more to convince him to embark in this magnificent adventure where he managed to make a huge difference! Once more, thank you for being you, thank you for everything you did!

The importance of our volunteers

Members of the Board

Karim Senoussi

Lover of life, my family and people, I love to contribute to make a difference. Having had the privilege of...
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Vincent Ladouceur

Businessman now for several years, Bailiff, franchisee Groupe Sutton Actuel and Advantage Plus, also owner of several income properties and...
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Linda Lamarre

Member of the Quebec Chamber of Notaries since 1983, I am part of the Bibeau Desaliers Lamarres Notaires Inc. group....
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Julie Tétreault

I have a degree in occupational therapy since 2000. I am a multidisciplinary team to myself alone who studied in...
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Isabel Garcia

I believe it is important to create a balance in our lives by nourishing the whole person. Spiritual, mental, emotional...
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Claude Gingras

I am a person very much focused on the task at hand, however for me humor always has its place....
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Additional Involvement deserving to be highlighted:

Thank you for your contribution in working towards our goal of making autonomy accessible and inclusive.

Carl Racicot

Here we put the spotlights on the unconditional love of a father, that for the total duration of La Traversée le Courage d’Avancer, that represents 24 days, put his own life aside to dedicate his self entirely to this noble cause that is not only his son’s but also thousands of Quebecers. Present from beginning to end, Carl was able to wear with pride and ease the multiple hats that his presence behoved! And what to say about the moral support that this man procured to the team! Once more, we thank you for everything!

Louis-Pier Racicot

Violinist for Cavalia, Louis-Pier conceived, graciously, the soundtracks used for all the videos of La Traversée le Courage d’Avancer! Furthermore, he composed this exhilarating musicality in his rare spare time, between two shows while touring in the United States of America. Trough his music, we can easily feel all the experiences and admiration of a little brother who firmly believes in the Foundation’s mission!

Guy Jobin

A special thank you to Guy Jobin who as accomplished the colossal work of translating every documents and web site texts for the Foundation! Guy is not only a friend of the family and Julien’s Business partner but he is also a deep-rooted supporter of the Foundation!

“A fall from a stool paralyzed me for life”

To our partners

Thank you to all who make this project possible. Your help us make a huge difference.