Claude Gingras


I am a person very much focused on the task at hand, however for me humor always has its place. The effectiveness of my service is at the heart of all my concerns. I am an intuitive person who is known to possess good judgment. I have a good sense of accomplishment and can be relied upon to carry out any mandate to its end. As a specialist in administrative processes, I am responsible for managing a rent supplement program (disability component). In addition, I play an advisory role in the development of social residential resources for non-profit organizations.

My ultimate goal
Having fun with those that surround me.

My favorite quote
In the heat of the action one must always be ahead of he game by a second (C Gingras)

The value that characterizes me best
Loyalty, integrity and fairness are prevailing values at my home.

Sedentary or bohemian
I’m a bohemian at heart, but I am always busy with different things. It’s hard to say no and stop.

If I were an athlete I would be…
Jean Béliveau

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