Alain Tassé

Police officer in the Emergency Unit of La Sûreté du Québec – retired as of 2015 – Alain Tassé, a true man of heart, gave of himself whole souled throughout the event La Traversée le Courage d’Avancée that was held in 2017. Alain briefly describes himself as being helpful, motivated by gratitude – but he proved to the members of the Foundation that he is much more than that! Present throughout most of the Traversée, Alain helped in so many ways!
Profoundly impressed by Julien Racicot’s devotion, Alain exclaims: “To see Julien, despite his own handicap and needs to take care of, still make the time to help others in the same condition – that spoke to me!”He didn’t need any more convincing to join in on this magnificent adventure where he managed to make a huge difference!

Once more, thank you Alain: thank you for being you, thank you for everything you did!

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