Access to a home adapted to one’s disability is vital for a person with a spinal cord injury as well as for their family.

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Reclaiming one’s autonomy is essential and is achieved through adaptations tailored to one’s specific disability.

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Social Inclusion

Social inclusion plays a major role in maintaining a balanced life.

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Active Living

With the necessary support, it is possible to develop new skills, involve oneself socially or engage in some other form of activity.

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The importance of having access to an adapted environment as well as to staff that meet the specific needs of the spinal cord injured is undeniable. A significant increase in autonomy is directly linked to these adaptations and services, not to mention the positive impacts on one’s personal, familial, and professional lives. “We can accomplish many things and live happily when we have access to the necessary resources.”


A simple fall from changing a ceiling light bulb OR that an simple dive in your pool could transform your life forever.

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The spinal cord is extremely fragile. It is comparable to a ripe raspberry, we must handle it with care.

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In addition to the help of relatives and various care givers, the spinal cord injured rely on a multitude of professional and technical aids in order to help them move towards a new life path.

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The spinal cord acts as the primary conductor used to control your body's motor functions as well as providing sensations and their origins.

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