Today is an important day!  It represents the launching of a valuable tool for the “Adapte-Toit” foundation; a web site that constitutes a significant first step towards the realisation of our mission aiming to contribute towards making a crucial, positive, and real difference in our modern society.

A warm and heart felt thanks to the entire Tegara team for their excellent work and irreproachable service quality.

At the age of eighteen, following a tragic car accident, as a result of several spinal cord lesions I found myself paralysed from my shoulders down to my toes. My life had just flipped upside down for ever. I was, however, able to regain my autonomy thanks to my strong drive, my family, my friends, numerous rehabilitation professionals, as well as financial support that I was privileged enough to receive. I took control of my life, gave it new purpose and direction. I allowed myself to find enjoyment in life; happy and accomplished!

Through the “Adapte-Toit” Foundation my aim is to give those spinal cord injured people not receiving adequate funding, the opportunity for them to remake their lives in an adapted living environment with all the necessary assistance services.

In Quebec, approximately 63% of people who find themselves paralyzed following a spinal cord injury receive no financial support from a paying agent.

Feelings of isolation and insecurity are too often present in the lives of many of these injured. The need is urgent. We must act.

The “Adapte-Toit” Foundation could not exist without your participation and support. In fact, your contribution is essential. Every action counts! Together, we are making autonomy accessible and inclusive!

Thank you for your support.

Julien Racicot